Posted by: Bob C. Cleckler | September 29, 2012

How Do YOU Examine a Book Before Deciding to Acquire It?

Anyone picking up a book they have not seen or heard of before will usually read the back cover, the Table of Contents, and then casually thumb through it. What Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis proposes is very simple, but there are 164 pages of text containing countless dozens of facts providing the justification for taking the action it proposes. Upon finding so many diverse facts and figures in a book, we often tend to revert to “conventional wisdom,” which may be (and definitely IS in the case of this book) completely at variance with the many facts scattered throughout the book. So thumbing through to determine what the book is about is definitely counter-productive to learning how we can permanently end our very real literacy crisis.

Of course, most of us will not go to the trouble of getting a book unless we do so with the understanding that the book accomplishes something of value to us. All those who carefully, honestly examine the facts about ending English functional illiteracy will definitely want to read Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis. This website, in addition to giving a very good introduction to the humanitarian project of ending illiteracy, has a link at the bottom of the left-hand column to a .pdf file of the latest version (the second revision) of Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis. The download of this 265 page ebook with 164 pages of text, 46 pages in eight appendixes, 175 extensive end notes and references, an extensive bibliography (containing several references not quoted or paraphrased in the book), a glossary, an index, and several features, is free of cost or obligation of any kind.


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