Posted by: Bob C. Cleckler | September 24, 2012

Is Reading This In Your Best Interests?

In today’s busy world we are very often tempted to scan through reading material to see if we really want to spend the time to read it carefully. We may be seeking something amusing or entertaining for a brief time of diversion from something else we need to do. When we are told that there is a serious problem, we often do not want to spend the time learning about it because we are afraid we will spend the time and learn that there is, in fact, a problem — with English functional illiteracy, for example — but there is nothing we can do about it.

IF, however, there is a serious problem that is costing each of us at least $5,186 each year and there IS something we can do about it, it is in our best interests to learn about it. That is exactly what this blog is all about. Literacy Research Associates, Inc. and NuEnglish, Inc., two non-profit educational corporations, after 27 years of researching and observing the educational problems in the U.S., have discovered and perfected a proven way of permanently ending English functional illiteracy.

The problem of functional illiteracy is probably much worse than you realize. English functional illiterates must constantly endure at least 34 different kinds of serious physical, mental, emotional, medical, and financial problems — problems that each of us who can read well would consider a literacy crisis, if we had to endure them. For your own benefit and for the benefit of an estimated 600 million English-speaking people around the world who are functionally illiterate in English (including at least 93 million in the U.S. alone) you are challenged to click on the two underlined terms above and learn how to join in our humanitarian project of ending our literacy crisis.


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